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Our client:

Notaries FST are your competent partner in all notarial matters. The experienced and dedicated team of notaries and staff always provides the best possible legal advice and support on all notarial issues. From the legally secure execution of all contracts to support in inheritance cases. The notaries FST attach great importance to a personal and trustful cooperation with their clients and support them in achieving their individual goals. The notaries came together last year to form a new partnership and now needed a unified face for it in the form of a new website.

Our Mission:

pixelpublic created a new modern website that shows: We are a strong unit!
Especially important in the design of the website was the human aspect and that the website is underlined by a friendly character. After all, trust is essential in their profession. In addition, great importance was attached to making important information quickly accessible. A special highlight of the new site is the exemplary flow chart "Procedure at the notary's office". This is a graphical as well as content-related special feature - because transparency is at the top of FST's agenda! pixelpublic created a concept for the website with the client, designed it and realized the new web presence based on WordPress.


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