Support & Customer Care 

Customer Wishes & Needs 

Whether clear goals or rough ideas - a new project emerges from your requirements. There are three decisive phases in which we transform wishes into reality. The concept and strategy phase (insert internal link) is followed by the implementation and ongoing operation phases. In the concept and implementation phase, it is a matter of working out important course settings or making decisions in dialogue.

During ongoing operations, on the other hand, you have a different claim. Here, you expect fast response times to inquiries and in the event of technical problems. That's why we have implemented a ticket system with very fast response times. Within the framework of support contracts, we offer effective service at different levels - from regular backups to proactive optimization. From us you get ongoing technical and content support at the highest service level.

Support maintenance

Technical support and cross-media accompaniment 

Ideally, a new website is another evolutionary step in a company's communication. However, development continues unstoppably. Soon the first regular security and function updates will be due to keep the website up to date.

But it is not only technically that such a project requires ongoing careful further development.

Due to changes in the goals or frame of reference of an Internet presence, situations often arise over time in which holistic and cross-media consulting and support is of great benefit. We take care of regular updates, backups and monitoring of your website. And we accompany its evolution by proactively suggesting improvements over time.