Strategy and consulting 

It is about liberation. 

We have access to a huge pool of technical and creative possibilities. That's why, at the beginning of a project, we first determine what we don't need from it. This can be very liberating. To do this, we guide you through a systematic process. Step by step, we work with you to define goals, target groups or brand messages. We analyze your competition or conduct an audit. We match this analysis with your goals. This enables us to make well-founded decisions about the content concept and the use of technology.

It's worthwhile to think about it calmly first. And it frees you from ballast.

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Strategy & Concept 

You don't communicate for fun, you want to achieve professional goals. We help you find the best way to get there. We don't create a world formula and don't strain you with elaborate presentations, but get to the point.

Strategy is a big word, you could also say "your way to the goal" to it. The concept is then the vehicle with which this path is traveled. If you want, we will get you there safely.

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Advancing digitization is placing new demands on communication. Both user behavior and technology are changing. They require new concepts that start with user guidance and can lead to analysis options and impulses that affect your entire business model.

We see digitization not as a project, but as a process. Let's think outside the box together and shape this process together.