ViaMed | Website based on WordPress

Our client:

ViaMed GmbH is a company specializing in digital solutions in the healthcare industry. With innovative products and services, it is revolutionizing the market and helping to ensure that patients receive optimal care.
A key aspect of ViaMed's offering is the development and implementation of tailor-made software solutions for hospitals and medical practices.
In addition, the company also offers telemedicine solutions and is working on the development of an app for mobile devices.
Overall, digital solutions make an important contribution to improving the healthcare system. The increase in efficiency and the possibility of telemedical care help to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.
ViaMed is thus setting new standards in the healthcare industry and showing how digital innovations can make everyday life easier.

Our Mission:

pixelpublic designed a new logo – modern and appealing. It perfectly represents the company's values: trust, innovation and progress. Humanity is in the foreground in the form of a helping hand made of the letters V and M. The clean lines and harmonious color scheme give the logo a timeless aesthetic.
But it's not just the logo that has been redesigned by pixelpublic. The website has also been completely revamped. pixelpublic designed and programmed the new website based on WordPress.
A special feature is the subtly animated graphics that bring the content to life. They attract the eye of the beholder and give the website a modern and appealing look. Another highlight are the cleverly integrated jump markers in the menu. Here, visitors to the website can now get to the information they are looking for even faster. Whether it's about the different medical specialties or something else, you can jump directly to the information you want with just one click.


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