A creative design for the book "Step Up!" by Thomas Dold

Thomas Dold, world champion in stair and backward running and author, who was considered one of the best stair runners in the world during his active time, has been a customer of the pixelpublic agency for several years.

Over the years, we have repeatedly realized various projects for him and in close cooperation with him.

His latest project, "Step Up!", is a book that offers beginners, ambitious runners, and play athletes comprehensive ideas and suggestions for their staircase training.

It contains not only theoretical knowledge, but above all provides practical tips illustrated by numerous illustrations and explanatory videos of the exercises. So you can easily progress to the next level.

In addition, Step Up! offers new training incentives for trainers in running, endurance and game sports through the coordination exercises and stair jumps included in the book. The book is not only varied and entertaining, but also very practical through interviews and personal insights from the author Thomas Dold.


The book cover

pixelpublic designed the book cover of Step Up! as well as the ads in the book. Above all, however, we supported Thomas Dold in an advisory capacity with design decisions within the book.

The goal was to create a design that captures the essence of the book and appeals to readers. The book cover was designed to visually represent the themes of the book, such as staircase training, motivation and focus. 

The displays

The first ad in the middle of the book is an ad for his new project "Become your coach". We created an ad that links to the website. The website "Werde dein Trainer" is a platform that was designed and programmed by us in cooperation with Thomas Dold. Thomas Dold designs a platform that enables people to experience running as a sport and health training and to reach their self-set goals faster, healthier and more beautiful.

In our ad, we focused on highlighting the advantages of the platform.

Our goal in creating this ad was to grab the attention of the target audience and get them to visit the website and try out the platform for themselves. 


The second ad is on the last page of the book.

This ad links to the page www.thomasdold.com. This website was also realized by us in cooperation with Thomas Dold.

In our ad, we focused on communicating to the reader:inside that the website is an excellent source of information about Thomas Dold as a stair runner, mentor and keynote speaker. 

In addition, Thomas Dold tells about his personal development as well as his way to himself after his sports career. He wants to support people in different life situations and offers them individual guidance on their own path via the website.

The goal of our collaboration with Thomas Dold is to present his passion and knowledge in the field of motivation stair running and marathon running in an appealing and informative way. We work closely and at eye level together to understand the message and integrate it into our work.

We look forward to continuing to realize exciting projects with him in the future.

The link to the book:

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