Christmas mailing for Kristina Muth

Kristina Muth is an expert in innovative business transformation.

For more than 20 years, Kristina has accompanied management boards and employees. She advises medium-sized companies as well as large international corporations.

pixelpublic is also a client and partner in Kristina's portfolio.

At the beginning of November, Kristina approached us with a still roughly formulated idea.

In a team call, we refined the impulses and formed the concept from them.

Kristina's strength is speaking freely and clearly analyzing and formulating perspectives.

From this we developed a video tour in the rhythm of the Advent season, i.e. four videos with call-to-action.

The Blickwürdig agency created a newsletter to hint at the content and the 360° tour.

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The green screen video editing

Kristina told about her experiences in the mountains. Her themes can be ideally transferred to the mountain world.

We placed Kristina in a winter landscape, enveloped by a mountain range.

With a set-up green screen studio and appropriate video and audio equipment, we produced the recordings in optimal quality. 

Christmas mailing Kristina Muth

The 3D winter landscape

With the Unreal Engine we realized a 3D winter landscape and exported the scene as a spherical panorama.

A particular challenge was to adapt the landscape to the content of the videos.

The 360° Tour

Then, so-called hotspots (buttons, links, PDF files) and videos were positioned on the spherical panorama and exported as a virtual tour. To visually and auditorily refine the winter landscape, we added snowfall and wind noise. 

The tour is optimized for all devices and can even be experienced with VR glasses. 

Christmas mailing Kristina Muth

Designed and implemented for clients in the consulting industry

For each Advent there was a short video about a method.

An exciting project and a good example of how to communicate topics in the consulting industry in an attractive, digital way.

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