ROMACO General Catalogue

We created the current General Catalogue for our customer Romaco Holding GmbH from Karlsruhe at the end of 2021. The task was to present the machines and their application clearly and with little text while keeping the topic of sustainability in mind, which plays an important role both for Romaco in general and in the production of the catalog.

The illustrations were partly supplied to us by the customer, but we also created photorealistic visualizations for some machines from supplied CAD data, as well as 3D renderings and 2D illustrations for the presentation of various products. These were used in the catalog, but can of course also be used on other occasions. At the end of the catalog, for example, there is the option of using an augmented reality application for mobile devices to place the latest machine on your own table and view it in detail from all sides via the display.

Our design of the catalog and the individual pages was well received by the customer and the 56-page catalog is something to behold. It was printed CO2-neutral in 4C on recycled paper and has a cover motif finished with 3D varnish; here we worked together with the print shop Späth Media.