WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG - Website relaunch with TYPO3

Our client:

Individual, sustainable prefabricated houses. Freely planned dream houses or innovative living concepts. WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers and service providers for prefabricated houses.

Our Mission:

Relaunch of the website based on TYPO3 with connections to Sugar CRM and external image and media database.

Evolution of the user experience and creation of a digital platform for customer acquisition and presentation of innovative living concepts through individual and sustainable prefabricated houses.

Brand philosophy implemented in web presence

Clarity, modernity and a tasteful appearance characterize WeberHäuser. The screen design and the easy-to-understand core statements convey positive vibes. If you look once consciously: The reference for the appearance of the WeberHaus website are the people. 

The WeberHaus slogan "Living the future" demonstrates the brand's claim to provide a good long-term experience as a Weberhaus customer. A lingering positive user experience (in German: Besucher-Erfahrung) of the website supports the brand claim. 

An intuitive user Interface (UI)

The menu of the website was designed in a way that it can be used properly in a natural way. The elements became more interactive. Through the higher interaction, the website exploits the possibilities of making a house experienceable in a digital medium. In this way, the WeberHäuser become more tangible, more alive. And more desirable!

Implementation on a smoothly running mobile website

The high quality of Weberhaus products should be reflected in the convenient operation of a new, modern website. The programming and design of the website contribute to excellent performance on smartphones. 

We have come up with an additional function for this: Like the dating portal Tinder, we have developed a Tinder for houses. The visitor scrolls through the offer with the typical thumb-swipe motion. What if ... dreaming is allowed! This is how desires and potential customers for WeberHaus are created. 

WeberHaus Haustinder TYPO3

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