SMZ Karlsruhe

SMZ - Karlsruhe City Media Center

Our client:

The Stadtmedienzentrum Karlsruhe is an educational institution that supports teachers in integrating digital media into their lessons. To this end, the SMZ regularly offers workshops. Here, all teachers can further educate themselves with regard to digital media and make their lessons more exciting and digital.

Our Mission:

The Stadtmedienzentrum Karlsruhe wanted to redesign its website at the same time as its new premises. For this purpose, the SMZ was looking for an agency that would take care of the design and realization of its website. pixelpublic then designed and realized a website for the Stadtmedienzentrum Karlsruhe based on WordPress. Matching the reopening of the SMZ's premises and its new website, pixelpublic also designed a flyer in the same new design.


smz website
smz website tablet

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