CVS engineering GmbH

CVS engineering GmbH - design and realization of the website with Typo3

Our client:

CVS engineering GmbH is a company that produces compressors and vacuum pumps specifically for installation in vehicles. With its innovative machinery, 3D measuring techniques and highly automated machining centers, CVS has created special production advantages and flexibility. Ensuring the quality and usability of all components is a top priority at CVS. This enables us to react quickly and individually to almost all customer requirements. CVS engineering GmbH is established on the market worldwide. It is regarded as a dynamic company and at the same time has a team with special technical expertise and decades of experience in the compressor and vacuum pump industry.

Our Mission:

CVS engineering GmH was looking for an agency that could help them to get a new and modern internet presence. In coordination with the agency Yupanqui pixelpublic designed and realized a new website based on Typo3.

This website offers a highlight in the form of 360-degree videos that bring the products to life in full. In addition, realistic 3D renderings created especially for this site are impressive. The renderings and animations were also created by pixelpublic.

The product pages are clearly divided and structured by different colors, which are also found in the menu and on the homepage. Visually, the product pages are extremely appealing and clearly designed.

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