BIRCO quick planner

BIRCO - Design and realization 

Our client:

BIRCO is a 4th generation family business based in Baden-Baden. It is one of the leading suppliers of gutter systems, rainwater treatment systems and systems for the retention and infiltration of rainwater in Europe.

Our Mission:

BIRCO is first and foremost a product supplier. Due to its experience and the increasing requirements in water management, BIRCO is increasingly developing into a system provider.
The target groups are architects, specialist planners and construction planners. With the BIRCO quick planner, customers can get independent advice. The right product is recommended for each individual inquiry. As the name already communicates, speed is the most important aspect of the user experience. The avatars Laura and Ben playfully guide the user through the inquiry.

BIRCO quick planner
Website Tool Quick Planner BIRCO

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