Warning letters due to use of Google Web Fonts

It was almost to be expected: The first wave of warnings is rolling over German-based website operators who have embedded Google Web Fonts directly from Google servers and have not switched to a local embedding. Small reminder: in my post "Google Webfonts - action required!" of 10.08.2022 on this topic, this scenario had already announced itself and explained the necessary measures. 

At this point, we had already contacted all customers with a support contract and were thus able to protect them from warnings. But unfortunately there are still numerous websites where these measures have not yet been implemented and whose operators are also not aware of the problem. 

For easy verification, we have set up a special tool that you can use to check if your website uses Google Web Fonts in the non-DSA compliant method. You can find the free tool here: pixelpublic Google Webfont Checker.

If your website still uses Google Web Fonts without local integration, we will be happy to assist you with the conversion - regardless of whether we created these pages or not. 

If you have already received a warning letter, it is advisable to check carefully whether it is justified at all. The easiest way to help yourself is to research the name of the law firm, the wording or the client on the Internet. You will often find numerous entries from website operators who have also been affected and corresponding recommendations for action from law firms that specialize in responding to warning letters. Even though I am not a lawyer, I recommend that you do not react immediately to a standardized warning with a payment, but rather have the claims checked by your own lawyer or a lawyer specializing in this area, if necessary. 

Need help embedding Google Web Fonts locally? 

We will be happy to advise you on this topic. Get in touch with us!