Our websites are constantly evolving!

Recently, a new section went online at the dentists at Augustaplatz and the dentists at Hofgut - pediatric anesthesia!

Websites are constantly in motion. They are not like print products, which cannot be changed in their design or content after printing. Websites are sustainable. They have the possibility to be adapted incessantly. Maintaining a good website is the key to being constantly up to date. Employees come and go or services change. For us at pixelpublic this is no problem. We continuously develop the websites of our customers.

The section "Pediatric Anesthesia" is a new section under the menu item "Services - Dentistry Kids". Here, the parents of the little patients can get information about the treatments under anesthesia in three different languages - German, English and Russian.

Now even the smallest among us can go to their treatment well prepared and without fear.