Spring greeting 2022

Seed paper greeting card

We think it's a shame how year after year many great greeting cards end up in the trash sooner or later. So we looked for a more sustainable solution and sent our customers a special spring greeting this year.


As always, the design stands out and combines the staff - ready for gardening for a change and not at their desks - and our Evolutionauten, which you already know from our website.


The special highlight, however, is the paper. It is peppered with lavender seeds and invites you to put it in the flower pot and water it, rather than in the wastebasket. A short instruction is included on the back.

In this way, we would like to give our long-time customers not only a short pleasure through the card itself, but in the long term to let a little greenery and pleasant lavender scent move into their office and living rooms.


The red (or lavender-purple) thread runs completely through the map. Impatient users can click through the 3D animated growth process via a QR code. The Evolutionaut already presents the final result on the card.


We wish you good luck and look forward to your feedback on the waxing success - with a photo, of course!

Seed paper greeting card